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Labor movers provide a number of moving services to local residents who need to relocate or make renovations in their homes. If you’re moving in or out of town temporarily for an extended period of time, hiring a moving company will ensure that your belongings are moved safely and securely. When searching for a reliable moving company, consider finding one that provides a fair and competitive rate for heavy items such as furniture and appliances.

One factor to consider when choosing a moving company is whether they charge by the hour or by the load. Many moving companies do not charge for the amount of time that it takes to move your belongings, but instead offer a flat rate fee that can include both time and distance. Hiring moving companies with flexible rates allows you to plan ahead for your move and saves you money. Some moving companies do require a minimum amount of space for loading and unloading personal belongings, so be sure to get exact quotes on this before choosing a moving company.

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Do your homework on each of the moving company options. The Better Business Bureau provides a website where you can search for customer reviews. Find out how long each moving company has been in business. You should also request to see their insurance records. Contact each company to discuss the terms of their contract, including pickup and delivery terms and costs. It’s important that you know what you’re getting into before making any agreements.

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Find out how many hours per day the company will work. Labor movers may be available twenty-four hours a day or may work around the clock. Be sure you are familiar with their work schedule and expectations. Ask for verification of these hours and compare them with the time you expect to need your items picked up and dropped off.

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You should be able to determine which items you need to load into your truck and which ones can be dropped off at a drop-off location. Be sure to clearly define the weight of each load, including all of it’s contents. If you need any oversized or fragile items, make sure they are not included in the load. If you are unsure about what is not allowed, contact the moving company before the relocation.

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Ask the moving company if they provide workers’ insurance. Check the details of the policy to see if it covers equipment or property damage. Liability coverage is also important so that you are protected in case something gets damaged while the movers are moving your belongings. The moving company will have insurance and a liability policy, but these policies are not always included in the quoted price.

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