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Better Deal Movers have more than 10 years’ experience of providing the very best professional safe moving services to our clients across Taylor Lake Village, TX and we work hard to ensure we can accommodate a range of special requests regarding safes and vaults. We would always recommend using a professional, experienced, reliable safe moving company with staff trained to a high standard, who are fully insured and have a range of vehicles available to deal with your safe or vault.

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Are you looking to relocate your safe or vault? Perhaps you need a safe or vault to be installed, or an existing safe or vault to be serviced? Are you looking to buy a new or used safe? If you’ve answered yes to any of these questions, contact Better Deal Movers today. We provide a high quality, personal service, with a team of professional and experienced safe movers and a fleet of vehicles to tackle jobs of all sizes across Taylor Lake Village, TX.

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For more than 10 years, Better Deal Movers have been moving and installing safes and vaults. We think we have come across most problems and situations, so you can rest assured we’ll always get the job done! All our staff are fully trained and the large stock of equipment required is always kept in the best condition. Our vehicles, of various sizes, are kept in excellent working order so you can be assured of a seamless service. We can move safes up or down lift shafts or stairs, and crane safes through windows or over roofs – trust us, we’ve moved safes to and from every location imaginable.

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The big difficulty with moving a safe is accounting for the weight and the size. Even the smallest ones can be rather heavy to ensure they provide the right level of security for the valuables stored inside them. As the size increases or the level of protection typically so too does the weight. In each case removing safes presents numerous challenges. When manual safe moving are not possible, either because of the size and weight or the location, the right equipment needs to be used to support the item and move it safely. The lifting equipment and all components must be up to standard to maximize safety. Everything must be checked carefully prior to use, ensuring there is no wear that could become a hazard. We take care to do just that whenever we provide a service.

If the safe needs to be removed via a window it is absolutely crucial that the frame, the panes, and the wall around the opening are not damaged. To help with the latter we use ramps so the safe can slide safely out of the building when it is hoisted. At Better Deal Movers we have the experience to move safe effectively. We have access to the lifting equipment as well as removal vehicles to relocate the safes once they are free from the property.

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One of the main things that makes us such a well-established safe disposal expert is we know the impact disposing of them incorrectly can have on the environment. The materials used in safe construction are designed to be very durable, meaning they will take a very long time to break down in nature, if they even degrade at all. As a result a formal disposal is better than simply dumping safes in landfill.

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