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Better Deal Movers, a professional moving company in Hunters Creek Village, TX, is dedicated to helping you save time, money, and stress during your move. We’re pleased to offer tips and tricks of the trade that let you experience a smoother move—we make it Better Deal Movers

Moving Large Furniture , breakable items

Some of the most fragile household items to move are mirrors, large framed pictures, and furniture with glass parts. In every case, the key to moving these items safely and without damage is to make sure they’re wrapped and packed properly.

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You may want to consider hiring a professional moving service to pack your household, and enjoy convenient, cost-effective furniture full service moving. If you’re planning to pack your belongings yourself, here are some tips for large, fragile glass items.

Mirrors and large picture frames:

The materials you’ll need to pack these are:

• Wrapping paper/newspaper or bubble wrap

• Permanent marker

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It’s best to find a moving box that is appropriately sized for the item—the box should be slightly larger than the item being moved. Start by wrapping the mirror or glass frame in several layers of paper or bubble wrap, covering the item completely, and fold the wrapping all the way around (as if wrapping a present).

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